Hair dressing Price List


Cut and Blow-dry £45

Re-style and Blow-dry £50

Wet cut £35

Blow-dry/Straighten from £28

Wash, Wet Set Blow-dry £45

Gents £17

Childs Haircut from £10*

Depending on age and length

Brazilian Blow-dry Keratin Treatment from *£65

*Depending on length £50 for partial ie nape of neck, fringe

Balayage from £46 for T-section

£65 for Half head

£85 for Full head application

Ombre from £90

Permanent Tint from £45

semi-Permanent Tint from £45

* single child’s haircut £15, 2 or more children £13 each or with a family haircut of 3 or more members including an adult.

Single children haircuts only available with an adult haircut

4 thoughts on “Hair dressing Price List

  1. Hi

    I wondered if you might be able to do a ‘hair up do’ for me for a special occasion Friday. It’s nothing fancy just a ponytail but I have a few hair extension that clip in to make it longer. Also how much would you charge, I couldn’t see it in the price list.

    Kind regards


  2. Good morning Louisa, I am wondering if you are free on Saturday 17th September, I would like my hair put up and make up done also, my mother in law would also like hair done and a little make up, we are not from that area so we are staying in a hotel.
    Regards Fiona

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